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Terra Insegura revisions complete!

Whee! I just emailed the revised manuscript of Terra Insegura to my editor, Sheila Gilbert, at DAW Books. It’s much better than the original version, thanks, as always, to Sheila’s excellent editorial input. So now you can look for it on schedule on May 5, with that amazing Stephan Martinere cover. (Oh, look, there it is over at the left!)

Closer to release date I’ll post the complete first chapter. For now, here’s a teaser: the first three paragraphs…


Emily Wood jerked awake in the pilot’s chair of the tiny sub, heart pounding. Her eyes flicked over the control panel, searching for red lights that would indicate they’d hit something.

But nothing had changed. All the indicators still glowed green. The sub continued to purr along on autopilot, and the Marseguroite ocean outside the transparent canopy remained as black and impenetrable as always, with dawn still hours away on the surface, a hundred meters above…


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  1. Janet Says:

    Congratulations, Ed. Would I be correct in assuming that these science-fiction books are the ones closest to your heart?

  2. Edward Willett Says:

    My fiction is my favorite!

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