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Choral music and me, with links to actual music!

I've sung choral music all my life. Growing up in the Church of Christ, every Sunday morning and Sunday night and Wednesday night, I was singing hymns and gospel songs, a cappella. I started as a boy soprano, sang alto for a while, switched to tenor for about a year, and then settled into the bass-baritone I am today. In high school, I sang in the choruses conducted by my father, James Lee Willett, at Western Christian College. At Harding University in Arkansas, I sang in the Harding A Cappella Chorus, directed by Dr. Kenneth Davis Jr., and also in the rather boringly named Men's Ensemble. Since then, I've sung with the Regina Philharmonic Chorus, the University of Regina Chamber Singers, ...

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Merry Christmas: me singing “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch”

Here's a holiday treat (at least, I hope it's a treat): me singing "You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch" at Christmas Crackers 2015, the annual holiday revue of The Golden Apple Theatre here in Regina. It was a great evening all the way around, and this was my small contribution to it. Enjoy, and Merry Christmas!  

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I finish a play…and sing of Saskatchewan

As I've mentioned, I've been writing a play, tentatively titled The Piano Bench: A Love Story with Evening and Ghosts. Today I finished the draft script, which I'll be passing on the fine folks at Regina Lyric Musical Theatre, which I hope will be staging the play (with me directing it) this fall. Since it's a play with music, I've assembled a CD of the songs I'm thinking of including in the play, all of which are drawn from the old sheet music in this house of mine, which has been in my wife's family since 1939. (The house, and specifically the piano and this music, are in fact the inspiration ...

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To mark the first day of winter…

A picture-perfect Saskatchewan winter day, and a song! (In lieu of a longer blog post, because too much pre-Christmas running around for that.) Enjoy! Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

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The Way You Look Tonight, Edward Willett version

Playing with new audio software today at the same time I was picking out a song for an audition tonight, I made the recording below of Jerome Kern and Dorothy Fields's "The Way You Look Tonight," from the Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers movie Swing Time. It won't make anyone forget Fred Astaire's version, or Tony Bennett's version, or for that matter anyone of dozens of other recorded versions...but I had fun. Think of this as a proof of concept rather than a truly finished recording, proof that I can do something not half bad with the equipment and software I have at home. Which means, of course, I may inflict more music ...

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Sing, sing a song…

I’ve sung all my life, in church, in choirs, and on-stage, both just for fun and professionally. And through all those years, I’ve heard music teachers say anyone can learn to sing...and the occasional person who counterclaims (and through their singing seems to support the statement) that, well, no, they can’t. So...who’s right? In “Singing proficiency in the general population,” a study conducted by psychologists Simone Dalla Bella of the University of Finance and Management in Warsaw, and Jean-François Giguère and Isabelle Peretz of the University of Montreal, and published in the February 2007 Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, the researchers point out that “singing abilities emerge spontaneously and precociously,” ...

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[podcast]http://edwardwillett.com/wp-content/upLoads//2011/04/Embarrassment.mp3[/podcast] Some people are easily embarrassed. Some, not so much. I, for example, have no problem at all singing in public. (Here's proof!). That's not true for everyone. Which is why, I guess, that researchers studying the neurological basis of embarrassment recently chose to trigger embarrassment by making people listen to recordings of themselves singing. Oh, the horror! Apparently it's a pretty reliable way to make people feel embarrassed, although I'm not sure how they screen for people like me who actually enjoy listening to recordings of ourselves. Anyway, the method of engendering embarrassment wasn't really the point of the study (although it's certainly why I noticed it). The ...

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Steamed-Rice Mommy’s Coming to Town

While looking for something entirely different in my computer files (The Mixed-Up Files of Edward C. Willett, which would be a great title for a book if someone hadn't already kind of gotten there first), I came across this audio recording from a couple of years ago, when my daughter was seven. Ladies and gentlemen, I present the Willett Duo with their rendition of "Steamed-Rice Mommy's Coming to Town," inspired by the gripping real-life saga of...supper. It provides 100 percent of your dailycuteness requirement! Click to play: Steamed Rice Mommy's Coming to Town (The photo: Me and Alice, of course.)

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Well, that was fun. By "that," I mean the process of getting this new computer up and running to my satisfaction. Yes, the new monitor arrived last week, and I spent a few happy (well, mostly happy) hours with plug-ins and cables and drives (oh, my!), losing hours of productivity in order to get a device that is supposed to enhance my productivity to the point where I can actually be productive on it. But it is ever thus, and things seem to be in good working order now, with the old computer still standing by and ready to go in case I suddenly realize I've forgotten to transfer something I ...

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Me, singing “Me”

While setting up my video last week for the virtual classroom visits-by-authors I was part of, I had the urge to give my microphone a good test by singing. So I recorded one of my party pieces, "Me" from Disney's Beauty and the Beast. The result pleased me enough I decided to YouTube it...and here it is!

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