The first sentence I wrote today (Saturday)…

The lights from Jumpoff Station provided plenty of illumination this close to the giant spheres, but not far away the darkness lurked, waiting for them.

Current word count: 55,954
New words this session: 991
Percentage of novel completed: 55.9

Most of today was spent on moving (except for going to the Regina Symphony Orchestra concert tonight and a brief playground interlude with my daughter). All my desktop computer equipment is now in my new office, but I still have my laptop in my old office and I left the wireless router in place so I have Internet access. I should still have access through tomorrow evening. Monday is the actual move-the-furniture day, and my high-speed access won’t be in place in the new office until Tuesday midday, so I’ll probably fall silent for a day and a half or so.

Although you never know. I do have other methods. There’s something called “dial-up” for instance…

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