My story now out in Dark Wisdom

I’ve received my author’s copy of Dark Wisdom: The Magazine of Dark Fiction with my short ghost story “The Wind” in it, back to back (as it happens) with a story by my fellow SF Canada member Douglas Smith.

Other authors with short stories in this issue include Alan Dean Foster, John Shirley, Robert Dunbar, Charles Richard Laing, C.J. Henderson and Thomas Breunig.

The magazine does get newsstand distribution, if you have a big enough newsstand. You can also order it online. I’ll probably be putting the story on my website eventually, but not until it’s been out in print for a few months.

I wrote this story more than 10 years ago, and if I remember correctly, I mostly wrote it during dead times at the Regina Leader Post, where I was filling in as the head of the “advertorial” department for a few months for someone on maternity leave.

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