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The first sentence I wrote today…and a horrible discovery

I’ve fallen down on the “first sentence I wrote today” posts, I admit, but since I need to tuck away a cool 2,000-plus words every day this month to meet my deadline, I think I’d better resume them.

So here’s today’s:

“Who are you?” Emily click-spoke.

Out of context, it sounds like she was sticking a playing card in a bicycle wheel, but never mind.

Now, the horrible discovery: somehow, I’m not entirely sure how, at least 3,000 words I wrote on Saturday and Sunday in Saskatoon have vanished into thin air. This included a big expository scene and a major action scene, both of which I will now have to recreate. I hate having to do that.

I suspect I saved a version that did not contain the missing scenes over a version that did. However it happened, it happened. It was this dispiriting discovery, and my attempts to find the file somewhere, anywhere, on some machine or other, that kept today’s word count down to under 1,000.

Not good enough! Better tomorrow. Hold me to it!

Words today: 867
Total word count (should be higher, darn it!): 35,299
Percentage completed: 34

Only a third of the way there. Grrr…*

Oh, and as long as I’m in a nasty mood, Microsoft, your 6000 series wireless keyboard sucks. It drops letters–not very often, but often enough that I’m having to slow down and backspace every three or four sentences. That may not sound like much, but it’s a lot when you type and write as fast as I do.

It’s a shame, because I like the feel of the keyboard, but tomorrow I’m heading to the store to get me a good old-fashioned keyboard that actually attaches to the computer. I just don’t trust wireless ones any more.

Way to go, Microsoft! Double grrr…

*(Growling currently comes naturally to me, since one of my many roles in Beauty and the Beast was as a wolf!)

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    • Edward Willett on January 5, 2008 at 5:40 am
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    Thanks for dropping by! Yep, it was a nuisance, all right. Although as I noted in today’s post, the new version of one of the lost scenes is actually better, so it wasn’t a totally bad thing.

    My very first post for this blog, way back when, explains the name the best.

    And, yes, I know it should really be hasenpfeffer, but the spelling I used also appears to be accepted (in the U.S., at least) as a spelling for the savory dish of rabbit, and since I started with it, I’ve left it.

    To make up for it, though, I made sure to title the LiveJournal mirror of this site “Hasenpfeffer.”

    • Ranurgis on January 5, 2008 at 5:30 am
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    That’s awful. I get terribly upset when I lose a letter I’ve slaved over for an hour. How much worse it is to lose 3000 words of inspiration.

    Your dilemma sounds very familiar. In November 2006, before leaving for a wedding, I saved what I thought was an updated database of 22 Mg to a flash-drive.

    When I got home, I discovered that I had an old file on my computer and confidently went to my flash-drive to retrieve the updated one. Surprise! that was old too. It took me until about a month ago to figure out that I still have that Nov. 2006 update in a file on my computer but that it was named incorrectly because I switched everything around somehow. Of course, I’ve gone on with my inputting and now have to reconcile the two somehow. Yes, computers are certainly fun.

    I don’t know if I wrote here before but Hassenpfeffer caught my eye. Only, I know it as Hasenpfeffer, a plant that is fed to rabbits.

    Hassen means to hate, Pfeffer is pepper, and Hase is rabbit. How did you happen to pick this name for your blog? Is reminiscent of a few herbs? Hm, hard to express what I feel it might be.

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