Willett of the Day: Edward Willett, Dime-Novelist

No, I’m not featuring myself. This Edward Willett lived in the 19th century and wrote dime novels for Beadle and Adams, with titles like Alone on the Plains, or The She Eagle’s Vengeance (see the cover at right).

I can’t find anything else out about him. He may also have written the rhymes for the other book whose cover I’ve posted, Around the House, a children’s book, but it’s also possible that’s an entirely different Edward Willett.

If any experts on 19th century American writers happen to run across this and can point me to a biography of this previous Edward Willett, I’d love to see it.

I has occurred to me that if ever decided to start collecting stuff (deliberately, I mean; judging by the state of my office, I’m collecting all kinds of stuff already), the dime novels of the previous writer to share my name might be an interesting place to start.

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    • Beth Filson on August 30, 2022 at 7:09 pm
    • Reply

    Thanks for this info. I have the book you mentioned and am trying to find more about him/the book, “Around the House.” I can’t find any other copies. If you have any more info., I’d love to get it!

      • on October 7, 2022 at 11:41 am
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      I’ve only seen it online–never in person.

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