Short story sale, and an end to Warhol!

I just had an email tonight that I’ve sold a short story, “Waterlilies,” to Space & Time Magazine. Yay! It’s the humorous tale of an artistic nanotech apocalypse. (No, seriously!)

And another big Yay!, plus a sigh of relief: tonight I emailed my children’s biography of Andy Warhol to Enslow Publishers. I had to put on a big push this past few days to get it done by the deadline, which was today (and was already an extension on the original deadline, which was the end of October). I can’t tell you how pleased I am to send Andy out the door. Having immersed myself in his world for the last little while, I suspect I would have felt the same way about the actual artist.

Now I can focus on other projects, in particular, and most urgently, the revisions for Terra Insegura. After all, now that DAW has cover art for the book, they really should have the stuff that goes inside, too, shouldn’t they?

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