My preview of the Regina Symphony Orchestra’s movie music concert…

…, RSO Goes to the Oscars, is in today’s LeaderPost.

Here’s a bit from the middle:

For Sawa, switching from symphonies to soundtracks is natural.

In a strange way, he says, “we owe a debt of gratitude to the Nazis. Oscar Hammerstein, Max Steiner, Eric Korngold, Bernard Hermann, Franz Waxman — they all came over because they were being persecuted in Europe.

“The entire Hollywood sound was created by the classical composers of Europe.

“When we talk about classical music and how it survived the second half of the 20th century, everyone was going to the movies, they were listening to classical music.

“The snob factor is missing when you go to the movies.”

And today’s movie composers are just as good as those early ones, Sawa says.

“The modern-day ones learned from the best.”

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