The Nipawin Journal reports on my reading there last week…

…and I have to say it’s one of the best articles of this sort I’ve seen anywhere. Thanks to the reporter, Joel Cherry! (Oh, sure, there’s one instance of the dreaded “one-T Willett” misspelling of my last name, but if I worried over much about that very common typo I’d go crazy.)

The story begins:

The term freelance was first used by Sir Walter Scott to describe a medieval mercenary warrior, (a “free-lance”) in his novel Ivanhoe. The freelance would fight for whoever needed him. Science journalist, biographer, critic, singer, actor, and Aurora-award winning author of science fiction and fantasy Edward Willett is a freelance if ever there was one.

Oct. 20 the Regina-based writer paid Nipawin a visit, speaking to Ms. Grandfield’s seventh grade class at Central Park library’s Alex Wright conference room. Willett talked about writing, art, and creativity, burst into song on one occasion, and described how his own childhood motivated him to become a writer.

Read the whole thing!

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