My bios of Johnny Cash and Andy Warhol are out!

Both are listed as “In Stock” on Amazon and I have my author’s copies, so it must be true!

Here are the covers (and the back-cover copy) for each:

Johnny Cash: The Man in Black

When country music legend Johnny Cash took the stage at Folsom State Prison in 1968, he solidified the public’s perception of him as a rebel who followed his own path. Born in Arkansas during the Great Depression, Cash endured poverty, the death of his older brother, and a difficult relationship with his father. He turned to gospel and country music to express the pain, and after many years of struggling, his songs of hardship and hope would finally reach the ears of those waiting for an artist who represented them, ordinary people fighting to survive.

Johnny Cash’s career spanned almost fifty years, with thousands of songs, hundreds of albums, and even a telvision show to his name. Even after his death in 2003, new albums continue to be released, and the 200t bipic Walk the Line brought “the man in black” to life for a new generation. From spiritual hymns to rock ballads, his influence transcended all genres and “the voice of America” lives on.

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Andy Warhol: Everyone Will be Famous for 15 Minutes

In the 1960s, Andy Warhol became the most famous creator of a new style of art called pop art, which transformed mass-produced items of popular culture into fine works of art. From Campbell’s Soup cans to photographs of Marilyn Monroe, Warhol’s willingness to use anything and everything from the mass media in his work expanded the range of subject matter available to artists. His avant-garde films, artistic usage of American icons, and unconventional social life made him a controversial figure, both greatly admired and deeply reviled. A trendsetter rather than a trend-follower, a dispassionate observer of both the seamy and celebrity sides of life, Warhol was a true American rebel.

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