Marseguro reviewed by a talking moose…

…and it’s not Bullwinkle!

Actually, thetalkingmoose is the LiveJournal handle of the proprietor of a blog called The Moose Pit, and this morning I ran across his/her/its review of Marseguro. An excerpt:

Marseguro…stood out for me because it presents a compelling presentation as to why the human race will never truly become unified behind one government. Even a powerful governing organization such as The Body Purified, which possesses the means and the ruthless willpower to mercilessly slaughter both those who they feel must be destroyed to appease God and those who oppose it, must constantly use and replenish those resources to enforce its will. That doesn’t even take into account internal power grabs and infighting amongst those who are ostensibly working for a common cause can create fissures that threaten to turn “true believers” against each other.

After finishing the novel, I found that there is — unsurprisingly, given the ending — a sequel, Terra Inseguro. It’s very likely I will track it down as the ending of the book left me genuinely wondering what will happen to The Body Purified following its attempt destroy the Selkies and the other inhabitants of Marseguro.

Read the whole thing!

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