Cover art for Magebane!

Just got this today: the cover art for Magebane, the first fantasy novel by my alter ego Lee Arthur Chane. It’s by Paul Young (and you can see more of his artwork here). The cover blurb will change slightly, because in the course of revisions that reference to “four centuries” became “eight centuries,” but otherwise, this is what you’ll see on the shelves come October 4.

Do I like it? Well, yeah! The airship isn’t a perfect rendition of the airship in my head, but that’s hardly surprising. It’s got the right feel. And it’s definitely eye-catching!

I’m already discussing ideas for the second Lee Arthur Chane book with Sheila Gilbert, my editor at DAW Books. She seems to like the notion I’m tossing around. Now all I have to do is flesh it out into a formal proposal…for a multi-book series, I might add. So that’s high on my to-do list over the next few weeks. Very high. Whee!

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