A Christmas Magebane giveaway contest!

I just received a fresh batch of Magebanes from the publisher, and in the spirit of the season have decided to give two of them away. If you’d like an autographed copy of Magebane mailed to your door, just leave a message below: no need to leave any contact information except an email address–if you win, I’ll get your mailing address from you then.

Contest closes Sunday, December 11, at midnight CST.

Remember, you can read the prologue and first chapter (or listen to me read them) here–you know, if you’re not sure you want to win a copy and need a taste to whet your appetite.

Let the contest begin!

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  1. Ah, nuts 🙂 It’s on my Christmas list, so if it’s not under the tree, I’ll have to grab it afterwards!

  2. Sweet! I’d love to win a signed copy!

      • on December 14, 2011 at 10:46 pm
      • Reply

      Hi, Ian. You were the only one to enter from the blog, but, alas, were not successful…but you can always buy a copy, you know! 🙂

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