I finish a play…and sing of Saskatchewan

Scan0005As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been writing a play, tentatively titled The Piano Bench: A Love Story with Evening and Ghosts. Today I finished the draft script, which I’ll be passing on the fine folks at Regina Lyric Musical Theatre, which I hope will be staging the play (with me directing it) this fall.

Since it’s a play with music, I’ve assembled a CD of the songs I’m thinking of including in the play, all of which are drawn from the old sheet music in this house of mine, which has been in my wife’s family since 1939. (The house, and specifically the piano and this music, are in fact the inspiration for the play.)

I was able to find recordings of every piece of sheet music I had, except one: “Saskatchewan,” the song by Irving Caesar, Sammy Lerner and Gerald Marks I posted the lyrics to a little while ago.

So…I recorded it myself. The accompaniment was generated by Band in a Box, an absolutely astonishing program I’m having a blast experimenting with.

It’s actually a pretty swinging little number!



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