Kickstarter campaign to bring immersive fantasy roleplaying to mobile devices…and I’m the writer!

Now, this is cool:

Project Snowstorm is an effort by fledgling computer game company Snowfury Studios to do nothing less than revolutionize mobile gaming: to bring to it the kind of immersive fantasy roleplaying we associate with the best PC games, the kind of games that give you that same feeling of having experienced a great adventure that you get in a good fantasy novel.

Of course, to achieve  that, you need a good writer and, well…for this project, that’d be me! (That’s “Mr. Loremaster” to you, buddy. 🙂 )

In addition to writing the game itself–backstory, quest lines, dialogue trees, etc.–I’ll be writing at least a 40,000-word novella and hopefully an 80,000-word novel set in the game world, to be given as one of the rewards for backers.

All of this is predicated on achieving a minimum of $500,000 in backing on Kickstarter over the next 29 days, of course.

So please take a look at the campaign, and if it looks like a game you’d like to play, or if you just want to encourage the development of top-notch fantasy roleplaying entertainment (and who doesn’t?) throw in a few bucks. (Or better yet, a lot of bucks. :))


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