Cover art reveal: Falcon’s Egg

Falcon's Egg CoverThe release of Falcon’s Egg, sequel to Right to Know, from Bundoran Press draws nigh–we might have copies at When Words Collide, as I understand it, with a formal launch to occur at Can-Con in Ottawa this fall.

A sure sign of impending release: cover art! This gorgeous cover (it has an exploding starship, how could I not like it?) is by talented Calgary artist Dan J. O’Driscoll, who also did the cover for Right to Know.

As for the book, here’s how it’s described:

The sequel to Right to Know, Falcon’s Egg is a fast-paced action adventure. Discovering a plot to reassert Imperial control over the recently rediscovered Peregrine, Lorn Kymbal tracks the conspirators into the deepest and most dangerous reaches of the planet and beyond. Kymbal, a veteran of the war of liberation that almost costs his life, fights killer robots and his own inner demons as he tries to win freedom for himself and his planet.

You can pre-order it now from Amazon!

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