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2013WWClogo-428x100I’m really looking forward to next weekend’s When Words Collide conference in Calgary—always one of my favorites. They’re keeping me busy with several panels and, of course, the mass autograph session on Saturday night at 8 p.m., which is open to the public. But it’s not just me! Margaret Anne is taking part in a panel on “Living with a Writer” (I’ll be tied up in my own panel at that time and so won’t hear what she has to say…which might be for the best), and Alice is on two panels, one a “Life Action Slush” panel where teen readers will react to the first pages of YA stories submitted anonymously, and one on what teens are reading now. It’s going to be fun!

Should you be attending, here’s where you’ll find m:

Friday 1 PM – Rundle

Live Action Slush – Early Bird Edition

Edward Willett (reader), Robert Runte, Ella Beaumont, Rhonda Parrish, Barb Galler-Smith. Bring the 1st page of your manuscript (long or short fiction of any kind) to be anonymously read aloud and receive comments from our editors.

Friday 5 PM – Canmore

Creating Believable, Unique Young Adult Characters

Edward Willett, Janet Gurtler, Danielle L. Jensen, Trina St. Jean. How to tap into characters that today’s youth will find relevant and want to read about. These writers share how they built the characters in their own stories and how they think that building characters for young readers is the same or different from characters in other genres.

Saturday 11 AM – Canmore

YA Inspiration

Clare C. Marshall, Edward Willett, Shawn Bird, Judith Silverthorne. Where writers get their inspiration for their YA stories – how to use stories from your own surroundings and techniques for idea generation.

Saturday 3 PM – Canmore

Sequels and Trilogies, 1-2-3

Brandon Mull, Edward Willett, Kristi Charish, Danielle L. Jensen. Authors discuss how to write successful sequels and series – how publishers decide whether a book deserves a follow up, how to develop a story arc over multiple books and how to leverage your fan base to get your stories read.

Saturday 4 PM – Canmore

Sex, Violence and Profanity for Teens

Edward Willett, Avery Olive, Aviva Bell Harold, Naomi Davis. A frank discussion of sex, violence and profanity on the pages of young adult books. How much are we seeing of these topics in Middle Grade/Young Adult/New Adult? What standards are publishers enforcing, what are parents allowing and how much are youth exposed to? How much is too much?

Sunday 11 AM – Parkland

Science Fiction and the Future

Daniel Abraham, Robert J. Sawyer, Hayden Trenholm, Edward Willett. From spaceships and aliens to medical tampering and secret military weapons, science fiction books have never been as varied and exciting as they are now. Authors of science fiction discuss their books and the vivid visions science fiction has to offer, from distant space to our own backyards.

Sunday 12 PM – Fairview

Writers at the Improv

IFWA, Edward Willett. Attend this hilarious panel where teams of writers use audience suggestions to create a speculative fiction story. The results can–and have–been out of this world.

Sunday 3 PM – Willow Park

Live Action Slush – YA Edition

Edward Willett (reader), Brandon Mull, Jacqueline Guest, Shirlee Smith Matheson, Susan Forest. Bring the 1st page of your manuscript to be anonymously read aloud and receive comments from our editors.



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