My first published book of 2016…

…does not involve magic, aliens, spaceships, or grand adventure, although its topic does date back to the dawn of time. But the important thing is, I got paid!

It’s Becoming a Mason, for Rosen Publishing.

A Career as a Mason coverMasons have been responsible for, quite literally, the foundations of society, erecting everything from the pyramids of Giza to the schools and offices of the modern age. This valuable guide provides a breakdown of the field of masonry for teens thinking of entering this stable and always-in-demand career. Readers will become familiar with the tools and materials used by masons today and learn about the various education and certification pathways that can give them a leg up in the field. This volume also offers practical tips for landing an entry-level job and discusses the projected growth of this essential industry.

It’s part of a series called Essential Careers, and you can buy it here, if you wish.

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