Coming in 2020: Changers, a young-adult dark-fantasy shapeshifter story for ChiZine Publications

I’m thrilled to announce that ChiZine Publications is buying my young-adult dark-fantasy novel Changers (intended to start a new series!) for publication in 2020. It will presumably appear under their ChiTeen imprint.

Sandra Kasturi, editor of ChiZine Publications, announced the sale at Can-Con in Ottawa over the weekend. I’ve known for a while, but didn’t want to say anything publicly until she did.

I’m very much looking forward to working with the great folks at ChiZine, and excited about this story. 

This may change, but here’s the “big picture” as I presented it in my submission:

A race of shapechangers, originally created to fight evil, has largely become evil. Down through the centuries they have been hunted by sanctified knights. Now there are few Changers left, and few Hunters…but a girl of the former and boy of the latter, who have grown up as friends, completely unaware of their true natures, are about to be plunged into this ancient conflict. Can they find a way to thwart the bloody destiny to which their ancestry would condemn them?

Sound intriguing?

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