My new vlog: join me as I walk and talk around Regina

I like to walk, and I’ve recently discovered the phenomenon of people livestreaming walks in various places around the globe. I’ve decided to do the same–even bought a motion-smoothing gimbal.

I livestream these on Facebook and YouTube, then later upload the HD version from the phone and delete the livestream copy. That eliminates the buffering which always plagues livestreams in certain spots.

I walk as I talk, about writing and other things, so I’ve come to realize this is actually my video blog, or “vlog.” (An ugly word I can’t warm up to, but it is what it is.)

Unless I forget, you can find the latest episode right here on the home page of my sight, in the sidebar. Come take a walk with me!

To get notification of the YouTube livestream, subscribe to my YouTube channel!

Here’s a favorite one: the classic Regina walk around Wascana Lake. Along the way, I point out how the lake has appeared in my books, including the Shards of Excalibur and Magebane.

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