Pre-orders now available for Shapers of Worlds Volume II

You can now pre-order Shapers of Worlds Volume II, the anthology I Kickstarted earlier this year featuring short fiction by authors who were guests during the second year of my Aurora Award-winning podcast, The Worldshapers, in which I interview other science fiction and fantasy authors about their creative process.

Release date for the book is November 2, with ebook, trade paperback, and hardcover editions planned.

Use this link to connect to Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, or Indigo pre-orders:

Of course, the first volume, Shapers of Worlds, is also available for order, either directly from Shadowpaw Press or from pretty much any online bookstore. Here’s a handy link for that:

Here’s the complete table of contents for Shapers of Worlds Volume II. Some great stories here–pre-order you ebook today!

“Shadow Sight” by Kelley Armstrong
“Ghost and Fox” by Marie Brennan
“Letters from an Imprisoned Wizard to a Young Queen, and Associated Explicatory Correspondence” by Garth Nix
“Going to Ground” by Candas Jane Dorsey
“Beneath a Bicameral Moon” by Jeremy Szal
“Shapeshifter Finals” by Jeffrey A. Carver
“Tybalt’s Tale” by Edward Willett
“The Cancellation” by Bryan Thomas Schmidt
“River of Ice” by David D. Levine
“I Hid In the Bathroom When the Aliens Arrived” by Lisa Foiles
“The Only Road” by Susan Forest
“The Cat and the Merrythought” by Matthew Hughes
“Anamnesis in Ruins” by Heli Kennedy
“Angel & Monica” by Helen Dale
“Root Mother” by Adria Laycraft
“The Cool Sequestered Vale of Life” by Edward Savio
“The Lost Cipher of Dr. John Dee” by Lisa Kessler
“Message Found in a Variable Temporality Appliance” by Ira Nayman
“Salvage” by Carrie Vaughn
“Casey’s Empire” by Nancy Kress
“I Remember Paris” by James Alan Gardner
“The Chthonic Op” by Tim Pratt
“The Little Tailor and the Elves” by Barbara Hambly
“A Murder in Eddsford” by S.M. Stirling

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