Shadowpaw Press Reprise open for submissions of previously published work

Shadowpaw Press, the publishing company I founded in 2018, is moving up in the world! This fall, Shadowpaw Press will publish two new books: a young adult novella by award-winning Canadian author Matthew Hughes, called The Emir’s Falcon, and Thickwood, the first novel by a new Saskatchewan author, Gayle M. Smith. The books will appear under Shadowpaw Press’s Premiere imprint. Assuming all goes well with those novels, I hope to open Shadowpaw Press Premiere up to submissions sometime later this year.

But even before that, I’m open to submissions for Shadowpaw Press’s Reprise imprint of rights-reverted, previously published books by authors who (like me) may have had novels or nonfiction orphaned by the collapse of one or more publishers, and would be interested in new ebook and print-on-demand editions, to keep the work alive in the marketplace.

And, yes, many authors self-publish those kinds of back-catalogue works, but not every author is comfortable with or interested in climbing the learning curve necessary to self-publish. I’ve learned a lot putting out the books Shadowpaw Press has already released, and so I’m interested in helping out other authors. This isn’t fee-for-service or hybrid publishing: this is a royalty-based, traditional-publishing model. No cost to accepted authors, and an author-friendly contract.

If you’re an author and have a book to which rights have reverted that you’d be interested in seeing back in the market, and would like to submit it for possible publication by Shadowpaw Press, email me at and we’ll talk.

And watch for submissions for new works to open later this year, if all goes well!

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