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Careers in Outer Space: New Business Opportunities (The Career Resource Library)

Careers in Space

Published by Rosen Publishing Group
Library Binding, ISBN 082393358X

Space–the final frontier. There’s an entire universe out there, to be explored and studied, and one in which there are numerous career possibilities. From learning about becoming an astronaut to information about more “grounded” jobs, this comprehensive volume dips into all aspects of space-related vocations. Of particular interest and excitement is the final chapter, “The Future in Space, ” where young readers will learn about the mind-boggling career possibilities that may exist in space both sooner than we think and in the distant future.

From School Library Journal: “While all the information is current and interesting, it is the last chapter that may grab readers’ attention. “The Future in Space” is a fascinating look at space travel and its accompanying possibilities…this book may encourage students to pursue one of these fields…” –Linda Wadleigh, Oconee County Middle School, Watkinsville, GA

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