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Janis Joplin: Take Another Little Piece of My Heart (American Rebels)

Janis Joplin

Published by Enslow Publishers, Inc.
Library Binding, 160 pages, ISBN 0766028372

A comprehensive biography of legendary singer Janis Joplin, from her childhood singing in the church choir to her adolescent rebellions with the local beatniks through her drug and alcohol use and her amazing musical success. With a powerful and soulful voice, Janis blazed a trail for other female rockers during her short and eventful life.


“This biography is quite appropriate for the high school library.” – TriState Young Adult Book Review Committee, March 2008

“Well-written and effective revisionist work on Joplin.” – Delaware County Library System, April 2008

“. . . a good addition for those classes that do decade projects.” – Garland Independent School District, March 3, 2008

“. . . readers interested in Joplin s lasting legacy will find useful information.” -The Horn Book Guide, Fall 2008

“A solid, comprehensive biography of the troubled, self-destructive blues singer . . . a good resource for students studying the 60s . . . ” – South Sound Book Review Council, August 10, 2008

“. . . an interesting source of information . . .” – Albuquerque Public Schools, June 2008

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