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Magnesium (Understanding the Elements of the Periodic Table)


Published by Rosen Publishing Group
Library Binding, 48 pages, ISBN-10 1404210075, ISBN-13 9781404210073

It’s estimated that every cubic mile of ocean water contains 12 billion pounds of magnesium. A silvery-white metal, classified as an alkali earth metal, magnesium is found naturally combined with other elements, in substances called compounds. Students will learn about electrolysis, and about the process Sir Humphry Davy used to isolate small quantities of magnesium. The book describes the properties of metals, how magnesium is recovered, and how it is alloyed for use in hand tools, computers, lawn mowers, and digital cameras.

“This is the second book in this series that I have reviewed and again, the author has done a fine job of explaining what can be a complex and confusing subject. Although not a scientist, I enjoyed the anecdotal information provided with an explanation of the element, its discovery, importance and uses. The colorful illustrations help to illustrate the concepts being discussed and will help make this useful for student reports.” – Sheila Morken, K-12 Librarian, La Center Schools, Lower Columbia (Washington State) Review Group

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