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Idaho Bill (a.k.a. The Idaho Kid)

(This play–skit, really–was written for Crocus 80 Theatre in Weyburn and performed on an outside stage in 1988 during the city’s 75th anniversary celebrations, which is why the stage directions refer to characters coming up the street, and then onto the stage. As you can see in the photo, I played Corporal Larry Lett, in …


Saved is a one-act play set in a future in which North America has fallen sway to a religious dictatorship…but if you think that tells you all you need to know about this play, you’re wrong. The ending will surprise you, shock you–and make you think. Saved (The curtain rises on a seedy two-room basement …


Threads is a 15-minute fantasy play written for Globe Theatre’s annual On the Line “freefall through new work,” and given a professional staged reading in February of 2001. Arthur and Jennifer Trenholm think the local legend of the Weaver in the Mediterranean country they’re visiting is just a myth…until a mysterious Guide show them how …

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