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A Little Space Music

“A Little Space Music” originally appeared in the Spring 2012 issue of On Spec magazine (the cover art for which, posted at left, is by P. John Burden.) *** A Little Space Music By Edward Willett Dripping viscous green slime onto the brushed-steel plates of the recreation room floor, the pulsating blue slug reared until …

Protected: I Count the Lights

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

The Wind

Dark Wisdom

“The Wind” originally appeared in Dark Wisdom: The Magazine of Dark Fiction, Issue 11

From G-Pop: “The Wind by Edward Willett brought back memories of another ghostly tale by none other than Edgar Allen Poe, entitled The Tell-Tale Heart. At first you feel some sympathy toward this man who, once happily married and at home in his childhood home, finds himself alone, his wife gone and his house seemingly working against him. Sympathy, that is, until you discover just why the house seems to be falling apart around him…”


A darkly humorous science fiction short story. When the nanotech apocalypse arrives, who says the goo has to be gray? Now available for Kindle using the widget above and in other ebook formats through Smashwords,  “Waterlilies” originally appeared in Issue #111 (Summer 2010) of Space and Time Magazine. Alan F. Beck has posted the illustration …

Lost in Translation


Lost in Translation first appeared in the premiere issue of the new Canadian SF magazine TransVersions in the fall of 1994. Two empaths, one a human, one a bat-like S’sinn, must overcome their bitter pasts and learn to work together to prevent the second interstellar war between their species.

“…builds a more credible space opera universe in 18 pages than some 300-page novels have achieved.” – The Newsletter of the Council for the Literature of the Fantastic/University of Rhode Island

Je Me Souviens

“Je Me Souviens” appeared in the Summer 2002 issue of Artemis Magazine, and was reprinted in Ride the Moon, an upcoming moon-themed anthology from Tyche Books. “Je Me Souviens” received an Honorable Mention in The Year’s Best Science Fiction: Twentieth Annual Collection, edited by Gardner Dozois, and garnered a couple of very nice reviews:   …

Moon Baby

Moon BabyCover art by Randy Asplund.

“Moon Baby” appeared in the Summer 2000 issue of Artemis Magazine.

Here’s what Tangent Online reviewer Steven H. Silver had to say about it (read the complete review here):

“Moon Baby,” by Edward Willett is the story of Scott Morgan, the first child born on the moon, who has been assigned the task of escorting an earth tourist around the moon. Scott suffers from typical teenage anxiety and rebelliousness, exasperated by his disdain for Earthers. Willett’s story bounces back and forth over a period of a few days, which is disconcerting at first, but the reader rapidly gets used to the time disjuncture. A well-written story, although Scott’s change at the end seems a little too contrived.

Landscape with Alien

Landscape with Alien was a prize-winner in the annual Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild Literary Awards a few years ago, in the category of Children’s Literature. Landscape with Alien Kareen Aldona added a white highlight to the orange flank of a boulder, considered a moment, enlarged it a bit, then set her brush aside with a sigh. …

Strange Harvest

Available now on Kindle! “Strange Harvest” first appeared in Western People, and was reprinted in the Summer ’98 issue of OnSpec. Here’s what one reviewer had to say about it: “Autumn brings us a “Strange Harvest” courtesy of Edward Willett. You know how vegetables sometimes grow into bizarre shapes, pictures of which appear periodically in …

The Price of Love

Way back when I was in my last semester at Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas, in the fall of 1979, a friend of mine, Rick Hamill, spearheaded a literary magazine which ended up being called …and a story, the name deriving from the fact it was all poetry except for one short story–mine. I’ve had that little magazine …

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