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The Dark Unicorn

Dark UnicornCover art by
Ruth Thompson

Young Nels left his fishing village for a life of adventure as a musician, travelling with a theatrical troupe across the fabled Heartland. But life on the road isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and Nels gets more adventure than he bargained for when he becomes the unwilling posessor of the Dark Unicorn, a tiny black carving. Unbeknownst to Nels, the Dark Unicorn holds immense power. It is key to the survival of the Heartland, threatened by the deterioration of the great Wall of magic that shields it from the Blood Empire. With the Unicorn in his posession, Nels becomes the the focus for terrifying, bewildering events. On the run from agents of both the Heartland and its enemies, he falls in with streetwise Dart, the only person he feels he can trust. Together they must decide what to do with the Unicorn. The fate of their world rests in their hands.

Shortlisted for a 1999 Saskatchewan Book Award in the category of Children’s Literature

Praise from the 1999 Saskatchewan Book Award judges…

“…captivates the interest of the reader from the beginning…the action moves quickly, holding your interest until the end…A good addition to this genre for the intermediate reader.”

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