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“…memorable characters, great world-building and interesting science…Willett has crafted a grand science fiction story that manages to pay tribute both to the galaxy spanning empires of Space Opera, and the examination of technologies just out of our current grasp…Marseguro is well worth the read.” – Chadwick Ginther, McNally-Robinson Booksellers

“Portraying people at their worst and their best, this book challenges readers to revisit their first impressions…Characters face issues of nature vs. nurture, the effects of bullying and the deep seated threads of prejudice…

“I liked this book more than I thought I would when I first picked it up. The author was constantly surprising me, which doesn’t happen often, twisting the usual sci-fi conventions into more than just a shoot ‘em up space opera. Edward Willett has created people, personalities with belief systems and misguided judgments who make mistakes in trying to do what they believe is right…I look forward to the release of the sequel to Marseguro, Terra Insegura, later on next year.” Fantasybookspot

“The title of Edward Willett’s new novel, Marseguro, refers to a water world far distant from Earth in space, but scant weeks away in travel time. Willett has assumed several technological advances in order for this novel to work: genesculpting, cloning, faster-than-light travel via brane space, and a Heinleinian “If this Goes On” of a religious dictatorship in the United States. But the pieces all come together nicely to tell a good story of the man who created a new race of amphibious humans, and the results of his efforts to protect them from the growing threat of religious zealots.

“The book gets off to a slow start, but it picks up speed, and eventually finds itself steamrolling to an inevitable, but satisfying and enjoyable conclusion.” – Ian Randal Strock, SF Scope

“Never content with simplistic depictions of good guys verses bad, Willett examines the ethical dilemmas inherent in total war from the viewpoint of four different characters, two of whom are forced to reevaluate their initial assumptions about who is the real enemy…

“As the stakes continually rise, the protagonists have to constantly up their game to overcome yet greater obstacles and confront yet more profound ethical issues…As in Lost in Translation the characters have to confront their prejudices, overcome their justifiable hatreds, examine their loyalties and — even more clearly in this book – Willett seems to suggest that triumph ultimately belongs to the characters who able to experience the most growth. The winners are those who are able to place others over self, whereas the losers are undone by their core selfishness. In Willett’s universe, karma counts…

“In the end, Willett delivers the edge-of-your-seat, action-packed adventure novel I had been anticipating. – Dr. Robert Runte, Neo-Opsis

“…a creative tale…Mr. Willett blends science fiction with heavy religious beliefs into a well-written storyline that’s filled with dramatic scenery and character detail. Sci-fi and fantasy fans should find this story full and entertaining.” – Kimberly Swan, Darque Reviews

“The book is well-plotted, the action and reveals flow nicely along, keeping the reader interested…The ethical dilemmas presented echo those of Lost In Translation – racism, prejudice, tolerance, violence as a means to an end, fanaticism – but are put in play in such a way that the reader feels it necessary to wrestle with the issues alongside the character. If the reader comes to a different conclusion than the protagonist in some of the situations, it is not because Willett has written his characters into a corner from which there is only one way out, rather it is the availability of choices which makes the ones the protagonists follow ultimately so meaningful.

“Well worth the read, I highly recommend Marseguro and am anticipating the sequel Terra Insegura (meaning unsafe land?) due out next year.”

“Excellent world-building and well developed characters. Very enjoyable. If you are interested in the religious implications of genetic manipulation, the political problems with a theocracy, or the question of what you would do when faced with extinction, read this book.” William Howe

“…good characters and an interesting story that looks at very difficult issues that are important to the world we live in today…” Eclectic Writer

“Well developed characters with clear motives prevailed in the story and once the plot got going, it rolled right along at a nice clip right to the end.” Ken McConnell

“It’s an action-packed ride filled with creepy creatures with gills. How can you go wrong with that, right?…You’ll find this book also grapples with some serious issues (particularly the issue of organized religion and what happens if it gets too much power), but does have a little bit of a light-hearted side…Definitely a good book.”  Fantasy & Sci-fi Lovin’ Book Reviews

“Taut well-visualized action sequences abound and the main story is drawn to a satisfying conclusion but leaves the door open for next years’ sequel Terra Insegura. Readers of series such as Julie Czerneda’s Species Imperative should enjoy this intelligent SF adventure.” Doug Knipe,

“Great Book, Well Written, Well Worth Buying…The plot is logical and flows well, the author is descriptive but not too descriptive, and the story seems to take on a life of its own. There are some predictable moments, but overall this book is worth the purchase. It is one of the better books I have read in a while and you won’t be disappointed.” A Science Fiction Book Club member

“Good read, strong character…I enjoyed this book all in one evening. It was too good to put down. Strong female character and good evolution of all the central characters.” A Science Fiction Book Club member

“I picked this up because I adored Willett’s last book, Lost in Translation…and this one certainly didn’t disappoint…An interwoven story of changing lives, alliances, and beliefs–this one will make you think. queenlyzard, LiveJournal

“…(a) thrilling tale with multiple povs and intriguing characters…things really get interesting but never sentimental–atypical for novels that have as one of their themes “what it means to be human.”…The principal characters…are complicated enough to seem real, and you’ll probably believe in them. The supporting cast are well done, too. And the action sequences–especially a chase across the water with a killer robot in pursuit…should thrill you.” – Amazon reviewer lb136

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