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Butterfly buildings

At the end of August and beginning of September, I and my wife and daughter were in Chicago for the World Science Fiction Convention…and a fair bit of touristy sightseeing, including taking in the (highly recommended) architectural river tour offered by the Chicago Architecture Institute. In the little over a decade since the last time …

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Municipal Heritage Award for Historic Walks of Regina and Moose Jaw

I’m pleased to announce that thanks to my book Historic Walks of Regina and Moose Jaw (Red Deer Press), I’ve been awarded a Municipal Heritage Award by the City of Regina. (I posted about it being nominated back in November.) The award was presented tonight at the beginning of the City Council meeting by Mayor …

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An award nomination for Historic Walks of Regina and Moose Jaw

My nonfiction book Historic Walks of Regina and Moose Jaw (Red Deer Press) has been nominated by Heritage Regina for a City of Regina Municipal Heritage Award in the Education category. From the letter in support of the nomination, signed by Dr. J. William Brennan, chairman of Heritage Regina: Reginans and visitors to our city …

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My new book is out!

No, not Terra Insegura–I haven’t even done the revisions on that yet. I’m talking about my newest nonfiction book, Historic Walks of Regina and Moose Jaw, published by Red Deer Press. I saw a bunch of them on sale in the Smith Books in the Cornwall Centre here in Regina today. I haven’t receieved any …

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Science fiction architecture

Download the audio version.Get my science column weekly as a podcast. Once upon a time, I took a vocational aptitude test in high school guidance class. By that time I already had a pretty good idea I wanted to be a writer–specifically, science fiction writer–and yet, writer did not show up very high on the …

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I’m a caryatid!

The stage version of Beauty and the Beast, as presented on Broadway, had a cast of roughly two million (that’s just a guess). At Persephone Theatre here in Saskatoon, we have a cast of 14. This means all of us poor players must play in our time many parts. I, for instance, play the Narrator, …

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This could have come straight out of my next novel…

It’s a floating dwelling, perfect for a water world like Marseguro. And it only costs $2.5 million! (Via Gizmodo.)

Photo of the Day that was Actually Taken Some Time Ago: Tobermory Light

Tobermory Light, on Lake Huron. More photos here.

"It’s really science fiction becoming reality"

“It,” in this case, is New Mexico’s new Spaceport America, the world’s first purpose-built commercial spaceport. That’s my birth state!

Lookie what I found…

…on Amazon.ca: the cover art for my upcoming book Historic Walks of Regina and Moose Jaw! It must be getting close.

Rotating skyscrapers

Not just a great name for a rock band, rotating skyscrapers (that’s a video link, by the way) are an interesting new form of architecture that would drastically change the skyline of any city where they were built (because each floor can be slowly rotated independently) and improve that city’s energy efficiency (because the wind …

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Amazing ancient acoustics accounted for

I’ve been to the ancient Greek ampitheatre at Epidaurus, built in the 4th century B.C. The acoustics really are incredible–you can hear a whisper on stage from the very top row. I was there with the Harding University A Cappella Chorus during our European tour in the summer of 1982. (Which was–gulp!–25 years ago, wasn’t …

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