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Tag: Canada

The Canadian Light Source

Given that the Canadian Light Source in Saskatoon produces light a million times brighter than the sun, you might well expect to be able to see it at night even from Regina. Or, upon visiting it in winter, you might think you would find thousands of sun-starved Saskatchewanians lying all around it on beach-towels in the snow, …

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Drilling on Mars

You hear a lot about space technology being adapted for use on Earth–many of the high-tech marvels in fields as diverse as meteorology and medicine wouldn’t exist if not for the space program–but the Canadian Space Agency is doing the opposite: adapting Earth technology for use in space. The CSA has taken the first steps …

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Volunteers: vital to Canadian arts

When most people attend a performance of some kind, their attention is naturally focused on the performers–the people on stage singing or dancing or acting or reading from their novel or poetry collection. And that’s all well and good–those people worked hard to get there–but there’s another group of people that work just as hard …

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Canadians vie for the X-Prize

Human beings have been going into space for 40 years, riding vast amounts of U.S. or Russian government money, poured into massive rockets that are mostly thrown away after one use. But many people think this is a terrible way to go into space. If we want to make space truly accessible (at a cost …

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Canadian Nobel laureates

This is the time of year when the Nobel Prizes for science are awarded, and while there haven’t been any Canadian winners this year, for a small country, Canada has been well represented in the awards in the past few years–and can lay claim to one of the most important discoveries in medicine earlier this …

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The science of things Canadian

What makes Canada Canada? It’s a question Canadians always seem to be asking themselves, and in honor of Canada’s 130th birthday, just past, I’ve decided to do my bit to bolster Canadian identity by presenting the science behind a few things we associate with this great land. Take beavers, for instance. Canada was built on …

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Canadian inventions

As a boy in Texas, I learned that Americans invented just about everything worth inventing, from the cotton gin to the steamboat to the electric light bulb to the telephone (more on that later). But, like so many other things I learned in school, it “ain’t necessarily so.” In honor of National Science and Technology …

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