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Now available: my 12th novel for DAW Books, The Tangled Stars

The Tangled Stars, my far-future humorous space opera from DAW Books, is now available everywhere in ebook and audiobook (narrated by Wayne Mitchell). For an introduction to the main characters, check out “Thibauld’s Tale” in Shapers of Worlds Volume II, the second of the anthologies I’ve Kickstarted featuring authors who were guest on my podcast, …

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The traditional “Blog post about why I’m not blogging much”

I know, I know. I post about getting a cat and then I fall silent, which can lead to only one conclusion: the cat ate my blog post. Not quite true, although Shadowpaw (Look! Another cat photo! Because there’s such a shortage of those on the Internet!) is sitting on my lap as I type …

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My publisher brought me a kitten!

And now, as promised, the Saga of Shadowpaw, or how a little black kitten made the journey from Virginia to Saskatchewan through the auspices of a Hugo Award-winning science fiction editor and publisher. Yes, fellow writers, eat your hearts out: my publisher brought me a kitten. What has yours done for you? Here’s how it …

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Look! A kitten!

My lack of posts in the past week is directly related to the appearance in my life of this little fellow (and yes, I realize this means I have now broken my record of being possibly the last person on the Internet to have never posted a picture of a cat). I will provide details …

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Hypnic jerks


Cat senses

It’s said there are cat people, and there are dog people. Personally, I like both, but if I had to state a preference, I’d probably give the edge to cats. It’s not very often I have an excuse to write about them in this column, but this week I do, because by some coincidence, two …

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A cure for cat allergies?

Do pets make you sneeze? Well, you’re not alone: an estimated ten percent of the population is allergic to animals. And the animal responsible for the majority of those allergies is Felis domesticus–your basic household cat. Being the cat person that I am, this strikes me as a terrible, terrible, thing, worthy of serious research. …

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I’m a cat person.  Don’t get me wrong; I like dogs.  But I like cats more.  (It’s an odd thing: although many dog people absolutely hate cats, I’ve seldom met a cat person who hates dogs.  But that’s probably a topic for another column.) One of the nicest features of a cat is its purr.  …

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