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Dual-task interference

You can see them a kilometer away. You notice the car driving a) slowly or b) erratically or c) both. And then you get closer…and can see the cellphone glued to the driver’s ear. Everyone pays lip service to the notion that cellphoning while driving is a bad idea…and yet some people still do it. …

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Why talking on a cellphone while driving is stupid:

Neural Bottleneck Found That Thwarts Multi-tasking. A couple of excerpts: “While we are driving, we are bombarded with visual information. We might also be talking to passengers or talking on the phone,” Marois said. “Our new research offers neurological evidence that the brain cannot effectively do two things at once. People think if they are …

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Photo of the Day: Cellphone Christmas

Quite Impressionistic, isn’t it? More photos here.

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