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New Aurora Award Storybundle includes my novel Marseguro

A new Storybundle has just gone live featuring winners of (and finalists for) Canada's Aurora Award for best Canadian science fiction and fantasy. It's curated by Douglas Smith, so I'm going to let him explain it in the guest post below... The Aurora Award Bundle #2 Curated by Douglas Smith How would you like to own, at an incredible bargain, ten books that readers like yourself have already voted to be the best examples of speculative fiction published in Canada? Well, here's your chance. I'm once again curating an ebook bundle for StoryBundle.com that contains more winners and finalists for Canada's premier speculative fiction award, the Aurora Award. The Auroras are awarded annually by the Canadian Science ...

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What I’ve Just Read: Ill Met in the Arena

Dave Duncan is one of the most consistent producers of top-notch fantasy novels in the business (and also a very nice guy). His latest, Ill Met in the Arena, isn't my favorite of his books, but it's still a fun read that had me devouring pages like potato chips by the end.Duncan has set up a complex world, called Aureity, in which nobles have bred their children over generations for psychic talent. Men have powers of telekinesis--strong enough to kill by throwing someone against a wall or twisting their body--and also teleportation: they can port anywhere they can remember. Women rule, however, because they can read minds and ...

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