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Baptistina family fingered in mass killing

Sounds like a lurid headline from a New York tabloid, doesn’t it? Except in this case the “Baptistina family”refers to asteroids, and the victims were the dinosaurs.

If I were Michael Crichton…

…this story of germs from the era of the dinosaurs found trapped in amber would be the beginning of a medical/biological/technological horror-thriller.

The dinosaur demise debate

“Everybody knows” that the dinosaurs were killed off 65 million years ago by a giant meteor that slammed into the Yucatan Peninsula. But as is often the case in science, what “everybody knows” may be wrong. The asteroid impact theory has been dominant for 20 years, but there have always been doubters. They admit a …

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What’s up with dinosaurs?

What would the summer be without a dinosaur film? This year it’s Jurassic Park III–testimony to the continuing fascination these ancient creatures hold for modern humans. But there’s more news in the world of dinosaurs than the latest special effects. In fact, in the past little while there have been several dynamite dino-developments. The most …

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Most people think of fossils as neatly mounted skeletons displayed in cool, clean museums with nicely printed labels at their feet. Unfortunately, says Tim Tokaryk, assistant curator of paleontology at the Saskatchewan Museum of Natural History, they don’t occur that way in nature–though he wishes they did! Tokaryk became interested in paleontology as a volunteer …

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