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The Banana-Dragon: An improvised fantasy story

Last night I tried out Writers at the Improv, a long-running event in Calgary at ConVersion and more recently at When Words Collide, run there by the Imaginative Fiction Writers Association, as a Saskatoon Public Library event, part of my gig as Writer in Residence. When I did it in Regina while writer in residence, …

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Two songs from The Dragonslayer

Many years ago I took it into my head to turn a short story of mine, “The Dragonslayer, “into one-act stage musical, intended for high schools. In brief, it was about a teenager who was a whiz at killing dragons when playing Dungeons & Dragons, who gets called into an alternate world to deal with …

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What I’ve Just Read: Dragonhaven

You’d think, after all these years, that there’d be nothing new to say about dragons (just like there is very little new to say about vampires), but Robin McKinley proves that wrong with Dragonhaven, originally published in hardcover by G.P. Putnam but now out in paperback from Ace. This was one of the books included …

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Dragons and turkeys and midgets, oh my!

This week’s CBC Web column… ******* Did you hear about the 42 members of the Cambodian Midget Fighting League mauled in a match against an African lion? How about the mummified fairy discovered in Derbyshire? Or, closer to home, did you know the world’s last surviving scientist specializing in the study of dragons lives in …

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