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Flames of Nevyana has been printed!

It’s not formally on sale yet, but as you can see, Flames of Nevyana, my new YA fantasy novel from Rebelight Publishing, has taken on corporeal form and exists in three-dimensional space, complete with length, width, volume, and mass. Also a really cool cover. Here’s the description:        Blue Fire is both blessing …

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Read the first two chapters of Flames of Nevyana…also, it has a map!

Although I don’t have a release date yet for Flames of Nevyana, it’s getting close. Its page is now active on the Rebelight Publishing website, and to mark the impending release, I’ve posted the first two chapters of the novel here: read and enjoy! Here’s the publisher’s blurb: Blue Fire is both blessing and curse. …

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Cover art reveal: Flames of Nevyana

My next published novel will be Flames of Nevyana, a young adult fantasy published by Rebelight Publishing in Winnipeg, and here’s the cover art. Flames of Nevyana began life as Blue Fire, and was the last novel (for the moment) I’ve written “on spec”: that is, I wrote the whole thing and then tried to sell …

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