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Great review of Paths to the Stars in Resource Links

This great review by Leslie Vermeer of Paths to the Stars just appeared in Resource Links ("Connecting Classrooms, Libraries, and Canadian Learning Resources"): "Many students get their start as serious readers of science fiction and fantasy (SFF) in junior high or early senior high. Often they read the classics in the genre without ever realizing that SFF authors are alive and pro-ducing right here in Canada. Paths to the Stars offers readers a sly and good-humoured introduction to the work of Saskatchewan-based, award-winning writer Edward Willett, best known for his novels Marseguro and Terra Insegura. The twenty-two short stories in this collection, compiled from two ...

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Coming in 2020: Changers, a young-adult dark-fantasy shapeshifter story for ChiZine Publications

I'm thrilled to announce that ChiZine Publications is buying my young-adult dark-fantasy novel Changers (intended to start a new series!) for publication in 2020. It will presumably appear under their ChiTeen imprint. Sandra Kasturi, editor of ChiZine Publications, announced the sale at Can-Con in Ottawa over the weekend. I've known for a while, but didn't want to say anything publicly until she did. I'm very much looking forward to working with the great folks at ChiZine, and excited about this story.  This may change, but here's the "big picture" as I presented it in my submission:...

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The Space-Time Continuum: In praise of Locus

Here's the latest of my SF/fantasy columns for the Saskatchewan Writers' Guild's magazine Freelance. *** For most of the world, Charlie Brown is only a beloved cartoon character with a round head. But for those immersed in the science fiction and fantasy genres, Charlie Brown was also the nickname (though he hated it) of Charles N. Brown, owner, publisher and editor of Locus Magazine, which he co-founded in 1968 in Boston. Although Brown died last year of a heart attack while flying home to California from a science fiction convention, the magazine that began life as a mimeographed newsletter more than four decades ago continues to thrive, ...

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The Space-Time Continuum: Defining My Terms

When I was a high school debater, in the dim, distant past, I always began debates by defining my terms. So let me begin this new regular column in Freelance the same way: by defining what I’m going to be talking about. I’m going to be focusing in this column on what is referred to in polite literary society as “speculative fiction.” That’s not a term I often use myself, since it is sometimes a euphemism used by writers horrified by the thought of getting icky “genre” germs all over their nice clean “literary” story, but it has its place as a useful umbrella, beneath which shelter three more specific genres, fantasy, science fiction and horror. Of the three, the easiest to define, it ...

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I’ll be teaching a speculative fiction writing workshop this fall…

...through the University of Regina's Centre for Continuing Education, and you can sign up for it now! Here's how it's described: Speculative Fiction Workshop Aurora Award-winning science fiction and fantasy author Edward Willett leads a six-week workshop for writers of science fiction, fantasy and horror. Students bring new or revised work to each session and prepare to read it aloud for critiquing by the instructor and other class members. Each student will receive a one-on-one session with the instructor to discuss his or her work in detail. Instructor: Edward Willett Mon, Sep 13-Oct 25, 6:30-8:30pm $145 + GST You can find the entire fall catalogue for the U of R's Continuing Education program here. Hope to see you there!

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What I’ve Just Read: You Don’t Scare Me

You Don't Scare Me, a supernatural thriller by John Farris, was one of the free books I picked up at this year's World Fantasy Convention in Calgary, and I had high hopes for it. After all, the cover blurb calls Farris is "A legend among thriller novelists," and that's according to Dean Koontz, who is legendary himself.I confess, however, that I had only vaguely heard of Farris before: though I enjoy a good thriller, I don't read them very often. Certainly the the back of You Don't Scare Me praises his work in glowing terms drawn from reviews by the likes of the New York Times, Publishers Weekly, Fangoria, ...

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Willett of the Day: Dr. Willett, H.P. Lovecraft character

Some Willetts--though not myself--are entirely fictitious.Such is the case of Dr. Marinus Bicknell Willett, the family physician of Charles Dexter Ward, and ultimately the hero of H.P. Lovecraft's novella The Case of Charles Dexter Ward. (The image at right is of the late actor Frank Maxwell, who portrayed Dr. Willett in Roger Corman's 1963 movie version of the story, The Haunted Palace (he took the title from an Edgar Allan Poe story, but the main inspiration for the film was definitely Lovecraft).Wikipedia has more about the novella here, including this note on the good Dr. Willett:...

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I’ve put another short story online!

It's "The Wind," which appeared in Dark Wisdom: The Magazine of Dark Fiction, Issue 11, which, according to their website, was the final print edition of the magazine.In other words, I killed it!I hope it doesn't come back to haunt me...You can read "The Wind" here.(The background art for the image above is from the original illustration by Philip Rogers.)

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A nice mini-review of my story The Wind…

...turned up at G-Pop:The Wind by Edward Willett brought back memories of another ghostly tale by none other than Edgar Allen Poe, entitled The Tell-Tale Heart. At first you feel some sympathy toward this man who, once happily married and at home in his childhood home, finds himself alone, his wife gone and his house seemingly working against him. Sympathy, that is, until you discover just why the house seems to be falling apart around him.Edgar Allen Poe, eh? I can live with that."The Wind" is in Dark Wisdom #11.

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My story now out in Dark Wisdom

I've received my author's copy of Dark Wisdom: The Magazine of Dark Fiction with my short ghost story "The Wind" in it, back to back (as it happens) with a story by my fellow SF Canada member Douglas Smith.Other authors with short stories in this issue include Alan Dean Foster, John Shirley, Robert Dunbar, Charles Richard Laing, C.J. Henderson and Thomas Breunig.The magazine does get newsstand distribution, if you have a big enough newsstand. You can also order it online. I'll probably be putting the story on my website eventually, but not until it's been out in print for ...

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