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Photo of the (Yester)Day: The Vault

Ever wonder where the Mackenzie Art Gallery keeps its collection when it's not on display?Here:For my 48th birthday yesterday we made use of an opportunity to have some food and wine and tour the vault at the Mackenzie Art Gallery. (We bought the opportunity at a gallery fundraiser last year.) It made for a great and unique birthday event. Oh, and I got cake and presents, too--what more could you ask for?

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Casting bronze

Recently, the MacKenzie Art Gallery has been offering "Twilight Tours" conducted by local artists. We visited Vic Cicansky's studio, Joe Fafard's foundry in Pense, and even toured back lanes with Wilf Perrault. Of all the tours, I found the one to Fafard's foundry most fascinating, because it shed some light on one of the oldest technological processes in existence: the lost-wax method of casting bronze.. The lost-wax method appeared sometime before 2000 B.C., and gave birth to the Bronze Age: it was used to make sculptures, weapons, tools, jewelry and household utensils all over the world, from China to India to Africa to Greece. In all the thousands of years ...

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My preview of the New Music in New Spaces concert…

..., coming up Sunday afternoon at the MacKenzie Art Gallery, is in today's LeaderPost. An excerpt:Sunday's concert will feature (Jeremy) Buzash and Eduard Minevich on violin; Jonathan Ward on viola; Amelia Borton on cello; Pauline Minevich on clarinet; Cecile Denis on harp and David McIntyre on piano. Titled "A Sound Vision," the concert will premiere five new works."Transplants" is a new electroacoustic work by Elizabeth Raum, for soundscape, video projections and solo clarinet. It's described as "a reflection on the immigrant experience, interpreted through analogies with transplanting flowers."The second piece, a new work by Jason Cullimore, also features projections, which is particularly appropriate since on Feb. 14 the MacKenzie will ...

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Aging my heroine, fulfilling my pledges

As I noted last week when I made my excuses for not blogging very much, one of the tasks keeping me occupied was rewriting Masks, the first book in my upcoming trilogy for DAW (under the pseudonym of E.C. Blake). This was an interesting pass through the manuscript, because its main purpose was to change the age of the central character, Mara, from thirteen to fifteen. In addition, I completely rewrote the beginning of the book, adding quite a few new scenes from Mara’s childhood that hopefully will set up the story’s situation better and develop the character more fully in the minds of the (no doubt millions...millions!) of readers. The “aging” process went very well: I didn’t have to change much at ...

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An interview with Atom Egoyan

Last week I interviewed world-renowned film (and stage and opera) director Atom Egoyan, in connection with the first North American showing of his art installation “Steenbeckett” at Regina’s MacKenzie Art Gallery. The 750-word article I wrote will appear in the next issue of Refined Lifestyles Magazine, but I thought I’d take advantage of my blog to post a lightly-edited (for clarity and continuity) transcript of our entire conversation. He was a pleasure to talk to and I highly recommend taking in the installation (and the MacKenzie Art Gallery, one of Canada's best) if you’re in Regina. You can read much more about it on the "Egoyan at the MacKenzie" website, ...

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