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Four stars for Shadows from Night Owl Reviews

Four stars for Shadows from Pamela Robinson at Night Owl Reviews, who, interestingly, had not read Masks–though she intends to go back and do so now! In Shadows, by E.C. Blake, I found a world filled with magic and special people. Mara Holdfast is an intriguing main character. The author weaves a journey for her that many will connect with. …

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Some reviews of The Helix War

The Helix War is a first for me, being an omnibus of two previously published books, Marseguro and Terra Insegura. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect in the way of reviews, except I figured there wouldn’t be quite as many of them. And, so far, that’s certainly been the case. But there have been …

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Night Owl Reviews likes Magebane

A.M. Donovan at Night Owl Reviews rates Magebane at 4.5 stars (“I Loved it – Top Pick”): Evil wizards, multi-level conspiracies, magic, hidden kingdoms, cruel tyrants, usurpers, and a hint of steampunk make this book entertaining. Lee Arthur Chane (also known as Edward Willett) has done a marvelous job of making all of this work …

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Night Owl Reviews calls Terra Insegura “a very good read”

It’s always nice to see a positive review of a book, even if said book has been out for a year and half, like Terra Insegura. Today a new review popped up at Night Owl Reviews, where reviewer Lilyraines writes: I found the book to have an intriguing take on genetic modification and what could …

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