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Scientists achieve levitation

And, no, they’re not members of Canada’s old Natural Law Party (the one that advocated research into something called “yogic flying”). They say they can reverse the Casimir force: The Casimir force is a consequence of quantum mechanics, the theory that describes the world of atoms and subatomic particles that is not only the most …

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Do particles communicate backward in time?

John Cramer, who writes the “Alternate View” columns for Analog Science Fiction and Fact (one of the “Big Three” science fiction magazines, the others being Asimov’s Science Fiction and The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction) has drummed up enough private funding to proceed with an experiment to test his theory of “quantum retrocausality”: The …

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My waveform collapsed, and all I got was this lousy T-shirt

In view of the fact that quantum physics seems to suggest that reality doesn’t exist until it is observed, and since great portions of the universe are currently unobservable by humans, I’m thinking of creating a T-shirt with the slogan: GOD: Observing reality so you don’t have to. What do you think?

Quantum computer unveiled…

…and it works! It’s slow, and there’s some question how well this approach can be scaled up, but it definitely worked. Hey, it even solved a Sudoku puzzle!

First quantum computer running commercial applications

D-Wave Systems Inc. says it will demonstrate it on February 13. But get this: This is the core of a new quantum computer to be unveiled by D-Wave Systems, says Steve Jurvetson, Managing Director of Draper Fisher Jurvetson, a leading venture-capital firm. “It is attached to a Leiden Cryogenics dilution fridge, ready to begin a …

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