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Two recent audio interviews

  While I was Guest of Honour at Can-Con in Ottawa in late October, I had two great audio interviews, one with Kevin Johns of Write-Along Radio, and one with Derek Newman-Stille of the great Speculating Canada website.  And here are handy links to each! Here’s the one from Write-Along Radio…         …

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I’m writing a play…and using this song

So, I’m writing this play. Its working title is The Piano Bench: A Love Story with Music and Ghosts. If all goes well it might even make it on stage late next year. Why? Well, therein lies a blog post. The house in which I live has been in my wife’s family since 1939. (It …

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The Saskatoon Book Report Interview

I was just a little too late getting home last evening to record the whole thing, but I managed to capture the bulk of the interview Ian Goodwillie, host of the Saskatoon Book Report on Saskatoon’s CFCR community radio station, conducted with me a couple of weeks ago and which aired yesterday. And here it …

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Listen to a radio interview with me!

I’ll be on Saskatoon’s CFCR Community Radio’s Saskatoon Book Report program today at 6:30 p.m. Saskatchewan time (that’s Central Standard Time, NOT Central Daylight Time, thank you very much; we don’t hold with that new-fangled high-falutin clock-changing nonsense here, nosirree!). You can listen as host Ian Goodwillie attempts to get coherent answers out of me …

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I rarely listen to radio, but many other people (my girlfriend, for instance) listen to it constantly–usually CBC. (Are you listening, Mr. Chretien?) Most people, if asked who invented radio, would tell you, “Marconi.” But very few people know much about Guglielmo Marconi beyond that bare fact. I’m here to rectify that. Marconi didn’t invent …

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Go on any long trip with several other people, as I did over the weekend, and a major source of conflict is sure to arise: what to listen to on the radio. But amid the debate on the relative merits of country, jazz, Top-40 and oldies (not to mention loud and soft), it struck me …

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