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My future city: I dabble in public prognostication

Later this morning I’m expecting a phone call from a reporter at the Regina Leader Post, who wants my science-fiction-writer take on the future of the city, ca. 2035. Of course the city has its own rather boring (well, from an SF writer’s perspective) plan for the futuristic city of Regina, which is full of lots of nice buzzwords like “sustainable” and “accessible,” exactly what you’d expect, but as First World War German Field Marshal Helmuth von Moltke the Younger famously said (only, of course, in German), “no plan survives contact with the enemy”—and in this case the “enemy” is rapid ...

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Saturday…oh, all right, Tuesday…Special from the Vaults: Introduction to Historic Walks of Regina and Moose Jaw

My 2007 book Historic Walks of Regina and Moose Jaw, published by Red Deer Press, is just what it says: a collection of 10 walking tours (eight in Regina, two in Moose Jaw) that take you past a number of homes and commercial buildings of historical or architectural interest, with a brief description of each. It wouldn't have been possible if not for the work of Heritage Regina, which created and researched the Regina walking tours long before I came on the scene. I adapted their tours and added additional information from various sources. I also walked all of the tours and took a photo ...

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Read My Book: Magebane

QC  and Bridges, weekly free-circulation entertainment/lifestyle magazines put out by the Regina Leader Post and the Saskatoon Star-Phoenix, respectively, have both just run what I wrote for their popular "Read My Book" feature focusing on local authors' works. Here's what I had to say about Magebane (the online version here at the Star-Phoenix's website is slightly truncated): First things first: yes, Lee Arthur Chane, c’est moi, Edward Willett. The pseudonym (a marketing decision by my publisher, DAW Books in New York, because this book marks my move into fantasy from science fiction) is actually the middle names of my two older brothers and myself. If you’re not familiar ...

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I’m going to be the Regina Public Library’s writer-in-residence!

Well, it looks like the official announcement has been made: I'm going to be writer-in-residence at the Regina Public Library this September 1 through the end of next May. The Regina LeaderPost has the story here. I'm very excited about it. It's a paid position, $35,000 over the nine months, and 70 percent of my time remains my own for my own writing projects, with 30 percent going to writer-in-residence projects. Those will include meeting with anyone who wants to talk about writing with me one day a week at the library's main branch (looks like that day will be Wednesday), conducting school readings, and holding at least one free ...

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Covers of the last two Willett-edited Fine Lifestyles magazines

The fall issues of Fine Lifestyles Regina and Fine Lifestyles Saskatoon, the last edited by me, are now out. Here are the covers. (Similar, but not identical!) They should both be online sometime in the next little while. Fine Lifestyles Regina includes a feature about me, written by Mark Claxton, and although I'm not exactly shy about promoting myself, I do feel I should emphasize it wasn't my idea: publisher Randy Liberet suggested it, and who was I to argue? Once everything's online, I'll link to that and the other articles I wrote for ...

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Women of influence: Five women, five extraordinary citizens

Here's the cover story I wrote for the summer issue of Fine Lifestyles Regina, on five prominent women: Jacqui Shumiatcher, philanthropist; Susan Barber, lawyer; Darci Lang, motivational speaker; Janine Wilson, realtor; and Susan Minard, businesswoman. Enjoy! *** Every community is built by individuals, living their lives, reaching for goals, creating things, building things, donating time and effort and money to the causes they believe in. Here are five prominent women—a philanthropist, a lawyer, a motivational speaker, a realtor and developer, and a business owner—who are part of our community today: extraordinary individuals whose drive and vision have shaped and continue to shape this wonderful corner of the world we ...

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Latest issues of Fine Lifestyles Regina and Fine Lifestyles Saskatoon now online

The summer issues of Fine Lifestyles Regina and Fine Lifestyles Saskatoon, both of which I edit, are now online. Fine Lifestyles Regina features five prominent women on the cover; Fine Lifestyles Saskatoon has Vaughn Wyant and Lori Leach. We're already hard at work on the fall issue, due out in early October. Clicking on the covers below will take you directly to each respective issue.

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Up close and personal with Paul J. Hill

With the summer issue of Fine Lifestyles Regina just around the corner, I thought I'd post my cover story from the spring issue, an interview with Regina businessman Paul J. Hill. Enjoy! *** Paul Hill says he’s most known in Regina for three things: his blue 1976 Mercury Marquis, his habit of consuming eight Diet Cokes a day, and his addiction to non-fat frozen yogurt. Of course, that list leaves out one other minor thing of note: Paul is president and CEO of The Hill Companies and Harvard Developments Inc., companies intimately intertwined with the history of Regina, owning and/or managing more than two million square feet in ...

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Premiere issues of Fine Lifestyles Saskatoon and Fine Weddings Regina now online

The premiere issues of two more magazines I'm now editing, part of the Fine Lifestyles family, are now online: Fine Lifestyles Saskatoon and Fine Weddings Regina. Fine Lifestyles Saskatoon is the sister publication to Fine Lifestyles Regina, and will be appearing quarterly (the next issue will be out in July, pretty much concurrently with the next Fine Lifestyles Regina), while Fine Weddings Regina will run twice a year. Coming soon: Fine Homes Regina. And eventually, I'm told, Fine Weddings Saskatoon and Fine Homes Saskatoon. Whether I can edit all of them or not, we'll ...

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Things I Found in My Mother-in-Law’s House: The 1912 Postcard

It's been a while since I did this, but I'd like to resume occasionally posting "Things I Found in My Mother-in-Law's House," which I STILL hope to turn into a book at some point. Mostly I'll post things I can scan. Like this 1912 postcard, which was sent to Sam Goodfellow a few days after the Regina Cyclone, the devastating tornado that killed 28 people, injured hundreds, left 2,500 homeless and destroyed or damaged 500 buildings. It remains Canada's worst tornado disaster. The postcard writer simply says "sincerely hope you weren't injured in Sunday's tragedy," and adds, "It was awful." ...

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