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Photo of the Day: Thundercloud

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Return of the Photo of the Day: Regina Sunset

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Signing in Saskatoon

So here I am at the Saskatoon Inn, due to go down in a couple of hours and take part in an Author Signing Coffee House as part of the Saskatchewan School Library Association Conference getting underway here, along with lots of other Saskatchewan writers: Rebecca Grambo, Byrna Barclay, Dave Glaze, Linda Aksomitis, Rod MacIntyre, …

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A review of the filmed-in-Saskatchewan Tideland

Here’s the first review I’ve seen of Terry Gillam’s Tideland, shot in Saskatchewan (as you can see in the photo that accompanies the article, which was clearly taken in the Qu’Appelle Valley). In fact, a great deal of it was shot across the street from the condo we lived in until last October, at the …

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Photos of the Day: Reading in Lipton

This morning I drove up to Lipton, about 90 km northeast of Regina, for two readings at Lipton School: one to Grades 5 to 8, and one to Grade 9 to 12. I read a little bit of Andy Nebula to the younger group and a bit of Jimi Hendrix: Kiss the Sky to the …

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Photo of the Day: Davidson, Saskatchewan, 10 a.m.

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Mining the Earth’s heat

We don’t hear a lot about geothermal energy in discussions of alternative, environmentally friendly energy sources, but maybe that’s about to change: A comprehensive new MIT-led study of the potential for geothermal energy within the United States has found that mining the huge amounts of heat that reside as stored thermal energy in the Earth’s …

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Photo of the Day: Potash Mine

The Mosaic Potash Belle Plaine solution-process potash mine at (where else) Belle Plaine, Saskatchewan, on a January morning. More photos here.

Did you know there’s a Saskatchewan Provincial Paranormal Research Centre?

I didn’t…until now.


Hairy ape-like creatures have been recently sighted in Saskatchewan, and it’s not even football season.* *(Yes, I know, many football players are cleancut, smart, well-dressed, etc. But what can I do? Sometimes a joke is so obvious you just have to make it. Witness yesterday’s post…)

Nothing about Hassenpfeffer, alas, but…

…here’s a local news story about Saskatchewan bloggers. (Via small dead animals.)

Photo of the Day: The Web

More photos here. (Give up? This is a negative image of the center of the lighted dome inside the Saskatchewan Legislative Building.)