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Two songs from The Dragonslayer

Many years ago I took it into my head to turn a short story of mine, “The Dragonslayer, “into one-act stage musical, intended for high schools. In brief, it was about a teenager who was a whiz at killing dragons when playing Dungeons & Dragons, who gets called into an alternate world to deal with …

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Saturday Special from the Vaults: The Adventures of Bigfoot

I’ve not written a lot of comics…but here’s one I did, with an environmental theme, for Communities of Tomorrow via the Saskatchewan Science Centre. It appeared (maybe it still does, I’m not sure) in an exhibit at the Science Centre. I don’t think it was ever actually printed as a comic per se. The art …

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Saturday Special from the Vaults: Close Encounters of the Science Centre Kind

Here’s a blast from the past: my 1993 script for a half-hour science-fiction-flavored promotional TV show for the Saskatchewan Science Centre, which aired on Cable Regina (now Access Communications). I was communications officer of the Science Centre at the time. Since I voiced the alien, large portions of this consisted essentially of me talking to …

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