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Story coming out in Dark Wisdom

Dark Wisdom: The Magazine of Dark Fiction, Issue 11, is "now at the printer" and includes a short story by me entitled "The Wind."I'm pleased but somewhat surprised by this development, since I emailed the magazine a couple of times trying to find out the status of the story: it was accepted, but the magazine is coming out way past the time I expected to see it.I never had a reply. I'm presuming that since they're publishing the story, I'll get paid it for shortly thereafter...Nice cover...if you like that sort of thing.Which I do.

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My story now out in Dark Wisdom

I've received my author's copy of Dark Wisdom: The Magazine of Dark Fiction with my short ghost story "The Wind" in it, back to back (as it happens) with a story by my fellow SF Canada member Douglas Smith.Other authors with short stories in this issue include Alan Dean Foster, John Shirley, Robert Dunbar, Charles Richard Laing, C.J. Henderson and Thomas Breunig.The magazine does get newsstand distribution, if you have a big enough newsstand. You can also order it online. I'll probably be putting the story on my website eventually, but not until it's been out in print for ...

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A nice mini-review of my story The Wind…

...turned up at G-Pop:The Wind by Edward Willett brought back memories of another ghostly tale by none other than Edgar Allen Poe, entitled The Tell-Tale Heart. At first you feel some sympathy toward this man who, once happily married and at home in his childhood home, finds himself alone, his wife gone and his house seemingly working against him. Sympathy, that is, until you discover just why the house seems to be falling apart around him.Edgar Allen Poe, eh? I can live with that."The Wind" is in Dark Wisdom #11.

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One thing ends, new things begin

Why, yes, I haven't been posting much beyond my columns: thanks for noticing!It seems like since I got back from the Canadian Chamber Choir tour I've been either too busy or too tired to do much beyond the occasional blog post. But perhaps that can change now that I have finished one thing and am moving on to another (well, another three, actually).The "one thing" I have finished is my book for Enslow Publishers called Disease Detectives, part of their new Extreme Science series. I sent in the manuscript today. And, yes, I "repurposed" one of the chapters from it for this week's science column on what it's like to work in a Level ...

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I’ve put another short story online!

It's "The Wind," which appeared in Dark Wisdom: The Magazine of Dark Fiction, Issue 11, which, according to their website, was the final print edition of the magazine.In other words, I killed it!I hope it doesn't come back to haunt me...You can read "The Wind" here.(The background art for the image above is from the original illustration by Philip Rogers.)

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Short story sale, and an end to Warhol!

I just had an email tonight that I've sold a short story, "Waterlilies," to Space & Time Magazine. Yay! It's the humorous tale of an artistic nanotech apocalypse. (No, seriously!)And another big Yay!, plus a sigh of relief: tonight I emailed my children's biography of Andy Warhol to Enslow Publishers. I had to put on a big push this past few days to get it done by the deadline, which was today (and was already an extension on the original deadline, which was the end of October). I can't tell you how pleased I am to send Andy out the door. Having immersed myself in his world for the last little while, I suspect I would ...

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My short story in Space and Time

My short story "Waterlilies" has finally appeared in Space and Time Magazine, which bought it months and months ago (as is obvious by the bio, which refers to my seven-year-old daughter--that would be the one who just turned nine). Anyway, it's nice to see it in print, my name up in lights--well, on the cover, at least. "Waterlilies" is a humorous apocalyptic nanotech art story. Just so you know. The cover art at left is by Patrick Thomas. My story is illustrated by Alan Beck.

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Saturday Special from the Vaults: Picking the Bones

This is an unpublished and, as far as I know, never-submitted short-short I rediscovered in my files. I think I may have written it at Banff during the Writing With Style workshop on writing science fiction with Robert J. Sawyer, the same workshop out of which came Marseguro. The landing pod settled in the middle of the alien battlefield in an expanding cloud of copper-colored dust, its antigrav moaning away to nothing and its liftjets sighing into silence. Vultor Caruso watched the pod’s descent through binoculars from the ancient camouflaged pillbox buried in the nearest hill, his lips set in a thin, tight sneer. “Damn claim-jumpers,” he muttered; after years ...

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Saturday Special from the Vaults: Sins of the Father

OK, this is an interesting one. As I have often recounted, Marseguro, which won the 2009 Aurora Award for best Canadian science fiction novel in English, began with a single opening line penned as a morning exercise in the Writing With Style program at the Banff Centre, in a science fiction-writing class taught by Robert J. Sawyer (at 9:15 a.m. on September 20, 2005, to be precise--I love computers). That opening was: Emily streaked through the phosphorescent sea, her wake a comet-tail of pale green light, her close-cropped turquoise hair surrounded by a glowing pink aurora. The water racing through her gill-slits smelled of blood. As the week progressed, ...

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Saturday Special from the Vaults: Janitor Work

This was one of the first, if not the very first, science fiction short stories I ever sold. It appeared in the 1984 Canadian Children's Annual, the year I turned 25. The photo of the lunar surface is from Apollo 17. Darryl Norton looked glumly at the dust-covered object before him.  It seemed to him he had seen an inordinate number of dust-covered objects in his short life. Yet he had been very pleased when his father had given him this job in the Lunar Survey and Exploration Corps.  Although Apollo City offered many kinds of entertainment, it was still a very small community, isolated by the void of space and the desolate ...

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