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New short-story collection Paths to the Stars now available!

My new short-story collection, Paths to the Stars: Twenty-Two Fantastical Tales of Imagination, has just been released by Shadowpaw Press. The stories in it span my writing career--the oldest is one I wrote at age 19 (or possibly 18, I'm not sure) at Harding University; the newest just came out earlier this year.  They're roughly fifty-fifty young adult and adult stories. Where can you get it? Well, you can buy it in all popular ebook formats or get an autographed directly from me through my new online shop. You can also buy it at any of these links: Shadowpaw Press| Amazon.com| Amazon.ca| Chapters/Indigo| Barnes & Noble Here's the official ...

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Announcing Shadowpaw Press

Like many authors, I've got a few projects that I'd like to get out into the wide world for which I do not have a publisher handy, and so I am turning to my own publishing resources--something far easier to do today than ever before. Rather than simply self-publish, however, I've decided to go the somewhat more complicated (but offering-more-opportunities) route of setting up my own independent press, which I've named Shadowpaw Press after our black Siberian cat (because, why not? Also, he has a publishing pedigree of sorts--see "My publisher brought me a kitten!") who also serves as the logo. (Preliminary logo--I think I'll be doing more work on ...

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Cover reveal: Paths to the Stars, my short-story collection

I'm getting very close to releasing my short-story collection, Paths to the Stars. It brings together almost all of my published, and a few of my unpublished, short stories, going all the way back to the beginnings of my writing career, up through "Textente Tela Veneris," just released in the Planetary: Venus anthology from Superversive Press (see the previous note). Since I'm independently publishing this through "Shadowpaw Press" (ahem), I'm doing my own cover art. I found a great image on Shutterstock created by Tithi Luadthong. I my still tweak the fonts, but this is pretty close to what you can expect on the finished book. Can't wait to share these stories!

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Short story in new anthology Planetary: Venus

I have a new short story out, in the anthology Planetary: Venus from Superversive Press. Here's a description of the anthology: Venus, the second planet from the sun, a world of sulfurous gas and tremendous temperatures where the landscape features—mountains and valleys—are all named for love goddesses. Venus herself is the goddess most known for allure and romance. Here are twenty stories featuring Venus, the planet, the goddess, or just plain love—both romantic and otherwise. Planetary Fiction explores the themes associated with these heavenly bodies as well as their astronomical, mythological, and in some cases even alchemical significance. My short story, "Texente Tela Veneris" (in English, "Venus's Weaver"), has an interesting back-story: ...

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Excited to have a story in upcoming anthology The Sum of Us!

I'm pleased to announce I'll have a story, "The Mother's Keepers," in this upcoming anthology, The Sum of Us: Tales of the Bonded and Bound, edited by Susan Forest and Lucas K. Law. Here's how it's described: The world of caregivers and unsung heroes, the province of ghosts . . . If we believe that we are the protagonists of our lives, then caregivers— our pillars—are ghosts, the bit players, the stock characters, the secondary supports, living lives of quiet trust and toil in the shadows. Summoned to us by the profound magic of great emotional, physical, or psychological need, they play their roles, and when our need diminishes . . . ...

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Another Seven-Sentence Short Story

At When Words Collide in Calgary this summer I once again conducted a Seven-Sentence Short Story workshop, and had more people in it than ever before--30 or so, I'd guesstimate. This is a plotting exercise created by SF writer/high school teacher James Van Pelt, and it works great in this setting. Below is my story written during that exercise, with each sentence prefaced with the corresponding instruction. 1. Introduce what the main character wants and the first action he/she takes to accomplish that goal. Stanislaw crawled through the stinking mud of the escape tunnel on his hands and knees, screams chasing him through the darkness, the dim blue light that promised freedom glowing in the distance, seemingly just out of ...

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Week 7 of the Great Book Giveaway: enter and get another free short story!

Neil from Saskatoon was the winner of last week's book giveaway. Now it's time to start Week 7. The rules remain the same. Simply comment on this post, reply to one of the posts I'll put on Facebook on both my Edward Willett and E.C. Blake pages, or reTweet one of the Tweets I'll post on Twitter @AuthorECBlake, @ewillett, and @LeeArthurChane. Next Saturday I'll tally up all the entries, do a draw, and I'll send the winner the book of his choice from this list (with a couple of exceptions--I don't have copies of absolutely everything). Fiction or non-fiction, his/her choice! This week every ...

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“Reunion,” a short story by Eddie Willett, age 19

As promised in the previous post, here's my short story from the Spring 1979 issue of Shapes and Names, the literary magazine of Harding College (now Harding University). The cover art at left was created by Jerry Palmer. My short story, at over 8,000 words, was by far the longest piece, and reading it now, I certainly see a few problems (not least the fact there's absolutely no reason this particular story has to be set in a fantasy world, except that was where my mind normally wanted to set stories...some things never change...because there's not the slightest hint of magic in it. It could have been set in the present ...

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I wonder what my college professor would think of me now?

The next post after this one is going to be a very early short story of mine that I just uncovered. Called "Reunion," it was published in the Spring, 1979, issue (Volume 2, Number 2) of Shapes and Names, the literary magazine published by the department of English of Harding College (now Harding University) in Searcy, Arkansas, from which I received my B.A. in Journalism in December, 1979. When this issue of Shapes and Names came out, I was 19 years old. The forward to Shapes and Names was written by Dr. Neil B. Cope, Chairman of the Department of Journalism--my department; he was one of my professors. It's a bit lengthy, ...

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An interview with me in honor of my story in Tesseracts 17

Colleen Anderson, editor with Steve Vernon of Tesseracts Seventeen: Speculating Canada from Coast to Coast to Coast (EDGE), the latest installment of the long-running Canadian anthology series, has been posting a series of interviews with the authors whose works are included in the book, and this week it's my turn, in honor of my story The Path of Souls. I am thrilled to finally have a story in Tesseracts, and enjoyed answering Colleen's insightful questions. Read the whole thing at her blog, but here are a couple of excerpts: CA: “Path of Souls” is a beautifully rendered world, told by an outsider who makes it home. But that ...

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