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I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas

Yep, I’ve recorded another Christmas song. Here in Saskatchewan, we don’t exactly “dream” of a White Christmas as have the occasional nightmare about it, but, hey. It’s still a classic. Enjoy!

Two songs from The Dragonslayer

Many years ago I took it into my head to turn a short story of mine, “The Dragonslayer, “into one-act stage musical, intended for high schools. In brief, it was about a teenager who was a whiz at killing dragons when playing Dungeons & Dragons, who gets called into an alternate world to deal with …

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The Way You Look Tonight, Edward Willett version

Playing with new audio software today at the same time I was picking out a song for an audition tonight, I made the recording below of Jerome Kern and Dorothy Fields’s “The Way You Look Tonight,” from the Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers movie Swing Time. It won’t make anyone forget Fred Astaire’s version, or Tony Bennett’s …

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Things I Found in My Mother-in-Law’s House (but I actually put there myself): The Army Song Book

OK, this is a rather odd entry in this series because, although it dates from 1941 (pretty much the same time as the paperbacks I blogged about previously), this book was not actually found in my mother-in-law’s house: it was actually found in my mother’s house, because it belonged to my father, James Willett (whose …

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