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The Sudbury Neutrino Observatory

  People in Sudbury are used to the idea of digging hundreds of metres underground and finding all sorts of valuable things, such as nickel and copper.  But scientists hope to find something even more valuable in the rock beneath Sudbury over the next few months:  namely, answers to some of the most vexing questions …

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  Saskatchewan could soon be home to Canada’s first synchrotron, and if your first reaction is, “So what?” then, dear reader, you must read on. Physicists are a lot like small boys: they like to see what makes things tick by smashing them up. In the case of small boys, those things may be clocks …

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“Quark” is a word that people automatically associate with science. It’s memorable because it’s unusual–not to mention fun. (Q. What sound does a physicist’s duck make? A. Quark, quark.) But how many people really know what a quark is? Not many, and since I was one who didn’t, I decided to write a column on …

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