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Tag: taxonomy

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Better get started on The Encyclopedia of Life now, because it’s going to take a while: In a whale-sized project, the world’s scientists plan to compile everything they know about all of Earth’s 1.8 million known species and put it all on one Web site, open to everyone. The effort, called the Encyclopedia of Life, …

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Lazarus, Elvis, zombies and Jimmy Hoffa

Elvis lives! Well, kind of. Way back in 1991 I wrote a column on taxonomy–which is not, as you might suppose, the scientific study of taxes. (And yes, I used that same joke 16 years ago.) It’s just barely possible you don’t remember that original column, so first, a quick taxonomy refresher. Taxonomy is the …

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  When people think of science, they think of physics or chemistry or astronomy, of particle accelerators, of racks of test tubes or giant telescopes. They don’t think of taxonomy; yet this less-than-glamorous science is at the heart of modern biology. Taxonomy is not, as you might suppose, the scientific study of taxes. Instead it’s …

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