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Paul Alexander Nolan: From small-town Saskatchewan to Broadway’s bright lights

  This article just appeared in Refined Lifestyles Regina. I've known Paul since he was a kid--I performed with him several times back then, and have even had the chance to be in a professional show with him once, when he played the Beast in Persephone Theatre's production of Beauty and the Beast in Saskatoon in 2007 (I was Monsieur D'arque and several other things). It was great to chat with him for this article, the second time I've interviewed him. For Rouleau native Paul Nolan, the moment it really struck home he was performing on Broadway came in March, 2012, in the first performance in Broadway’s Paul Simon Theatre ...

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My daughter Alice on CBC Radio

Very proud of my daughter, Alice, who with fellow cast member Logan Weir gave a great interview on CBC Radio this morning (on Saskatchewan Weekend with Shauna Powers) about Do It With Class Young People's Theatre's current production of Grimm Tales. I just happened to record it and you can listen to it here! [embed]https://edwardwillett.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/CBC%20Weekend%20With%20Alice_1.mp3[/embed]

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‘Twas the Nocturnal Time of the Preceding Day…video edition

A "science column" I wrote several years ago, my science-writer's take on the famous poem "'Twas the Night Before Christmas," has had remarkable life. It appeared in the newspaper, of course, but it was originally written for for CBC Saskatchewan’s Afternoon Edition radio program, and first read at one of their Christmas open houses (a different one from the one at which I sang “Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!“), it’s been published or posted a few times since. A couple of years ago it got a lot of attention because it was noted by Ed Yong at Discover Magazine‘s website. I recorded a podcast of it, which you can listen to here. And now...ta da!...the ...

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My review of Globe Theatre’s “Man of La Mancha”: it’s a moving exploration of the power, necessity and limitations of storytelling

This review also appears at Regina Reviews, which I edit. Globe Theatre’s production of Man of La Mancha is a beautifully directed, acted, and sung exploration of the power, necessity and limitations of the one trait that truly makes us human: our ability to imbue the world with meaning through the telling of stories. Imprisoned in 15th-century Spain for the crime of, in his reluctant needs-must capacity as a tax-collector, foreclosing on a church (but really for the far more serious crime of believing that the laws should apply equally to everyone), Miguel de Cervantes (David Ludwig) and his manservant (Eddie Glen) must face the dreaded Inquisition—but first, they are put on ...

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Tickets on sale for my play As Time Goes By: A Love Story with Music and Ghosts

Tickets are now on sale for my play-with-music, As Time Goes By: A Love Story with Music and Ghosts, featuring music from the '30s and 40s found in the old house where I live that used to belong to my wife's grandparents, and then to her parents (and indeed, we are dedicating the show to the memory of my wife's mother, Dr. Alice Mary Goodfellow Hodges, a most remarkable woman who unfortunately died on August 17 and so will not be able to see the show inspired by her parents' home.) Here's how I'm describing the show in publicity materials: A warm, funny, touching play ...

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The curious case of a previous Edward Willett, and his letters to Mrs. Bellamy

“Edward Willett” isn’t a name you trip over everywhere you go, but it’s not exactly rare. Nor is it new: it crops up in genealogies and histories down through the past few centuries. It’s true that these days if you Google “Edward Willett” (and doesn’t everyone?) the majority of the links will relate to me, but those other Edward Willetts crop up, too: including a fellow in the 18th century who wrote a book with the curious title of Letters Addressed to Mrs. Bellamy, Occasioned by her Apology. I’ve been seeing this for years; last night I finally decided to find out what it was all about, and found myself fascinated, not just by the particulars of that little book, but by ...

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Writing for an audience

My wife and I have had season tickets to the Globe Theatre here in Regina for many years. One of the great things about having season tickets is that you go to shows you might otherwise not have chosen to attend, because you’ve committed yourself to taking in whatever the artistic director decides to present. Of course, that means that sometimes you sit through plays you’d probably just as soon have skipped, and that happened to us a few years ago. While we were still in the what-were-they-thinking why-did-they-produce-that that-was-awful stage of grumbling, we heard an interview with the playwright who said that she gave no thought to the audience ...

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Every book’s a stage, and all I really want to do is direct

Regular readers of this blog (if such people exist) will know that I act as well as write, and have done since I was 11 years old and in Grade 7 at Weyburn Junior High School, when I was cast in the lead role of Petruchio in a one-act adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew. Perhaps it was because I got to carry a (plastic) sword, and even draw and wave it around at one point, but I was hooked. (No, it wasn’t because I got kissed by a girl, which was not as high on my list of things I wanted to happen at that point as it ...

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Nice review of “A Little Space Music”

Speculating Canada, a relatively new blog focusing on Canadian science fiction, fantasy and horror, has a nice review of "A Little Space Music," my humorous "amateur theatre in outer space" short story just published in OnSpec. It begins: In “A Little Space Music”, Edward Willett demonstrates his creative wit and humour. He plays on an issue that is familiar to any of us who have done amateur theatre… the issue of making a cast out of actors with varying skills. But, ...

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Saturday…er, Monday…Special from the Vaults: An interview with Persephone Theatre artistic director Del Surjik

I know, I know, I call these things "Saturday Specials" and here it is Monday. But I have a good excuse: I spent the weekend in Saskatoon at Dance Power, the dance competition in which my daughter and her studiomates from Class Act Performing Arts Studio were competing (they did extremely well!). The competition was at the Remai Arts Centre, home to Persephone Theatre, a theatre I have fond memories of because I was in the very first production to grace its stage, Beauty and the Beast, in 2007, just before it officially opened (and before it was quite finished, actually, but that's another story). While ...

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